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At Visuforce, we look at graduate recruitment differently. That’s why we offer a unique alternative to traditional recruitment agencies or picking up a job through mass placement of your C.V. We just don’t find you a job; we set you on a professional sales career path.  With Visuforce, you go on a development journey, from initial assessment, through placement, onboarding and training. It means you hit the ground running when you start your new sales role and your can produce results much sooner. In particular, you will receive training that is used by some of the world’s leading sales organisations. 

We classify “graduates” as one of the following:

  1. You are a recent graduate or post-graduate  (out of college 1-2 years), and looking for a new or your first sales role.
  2. You have just graduated in the current year (Primary or Master’s degree).
  3. You are in your final college year (Primary or Masters).

Our Approach

Your Background / College Discipline: Graduates from any academic discipline can be successful in sales. If you are from a specialised discipline (e.g. scientific), you could be especially successful, because more and more companies with innovative products and sophisticated customers, want graduates with a high level of technical competence.

Assessment: We conduct an initial assessment through a telephone interview, followed by written assessment and a  face-to-face interview.

Placement: We connect you with our clients, based on our assessment and interaction, and taking into account your academic discipline and industry preference.

Training & Onboarding: Uniquely, we provide you with a worlclass sales training and onboarding programme, designed to accelerate your success, in partnership with your employer. You will be trained in Visuforce’s Lean Sales System, used by many of the world’s leading sales teams.

A New Era for Sales

Sales as a career  is entering a new phase in terms of professional development. Traditionally, the main qualification for sales was either “experience” and / or an outgoing personality. But these traits are no longer the basis of a successful sales career. Today’s sophisticated and demanding customers want to deal with people whose expertise they can trust and who can solve problems and identify opportunities. A trained mind is a more aware mind and our training programmes will give you a foundation for selling as a career, for life.


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