The Lean Sales System Approach

Like lean manufacturing, a Lean Sales System follows a set of principles that gives the manager and the sales team the processes and tools to be highly effective, especially in terms of new business development and expanding accounts. A Lean system for sales uses the core principle that the individual salesperson should be tooled to be self-correcting and autonomous. A second principle, is that light sales management “pulls” through performance much more effectively than trying to micro-manage and “push” performance. Managers in a lean sales set-up, will check in, rather than check up on the sales team. And a third important principle is that the most effective salespeople in a lean system are those who are highly coachable and take ownership of their own self-improvement within a supportive environment. Finally, in a lean sales environment, the entire team uses a common language that sets and measures expectations, and drives standard work. 

When we work with clients, both on hiring and consulting projects, we use the Lean Sales frame to identify the key sales challenges and gaps as per the diagram. 


The Lean Sales System has been implemented in

thousands of companies, and some of the largest

sales teams in the world were built on it.



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