We provide a specific programme for companies that want to onboard their new sales hires quickly and successfully. Our New Hires Programme has achieved 100% success for some companies (as measured over a 2 year period), which is an exceptional outcome in new sales hiring.

New Sales Hires Programme Content
  1. Organising & Building the Sales Pipeline. 
  2. Accurate sales forecasting
  3. Prospecting Effectively (including email prospecting & building a Target List)
  4. Personalising the company messaging for Sales Calls & Meetings
  5. Moving deals forward, faster
  6. Daily Routine organisation that creates more selling time
Tools Supplied
  • Pipeline Management Tool
  • Customised Prospecting Templates
  • Customised Selling Templates
  • Checklists for call planning (mobile friendly)
  • Weekly review agendas & deal strategising
  • Online content

Depending on your existing set-up, we can also recommend best-practice sales technology that salespeople really like and use.

The content for the New Hires Programme is drawn from 4 other, long-standing, and proven programmes. Click Here. 

Feedback from Users of the New Sales Hire Programme

We sell in global markets, and we used Visuforce to create a worldclass selling system, while giving our sales people the tools and skills to make their numbers. We never send a new sales hire out into the marketplace, until they have been through the Visuforce onboarding programme.
Peter Brady, CEO at Equilume.

The content is structured, simple and intelligent and has enabled us to onboard hundreds of new reps quickly and very successfully. John Weeks,Chairman, Mintel.

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