Companies turn to us when they want the practical tools, skills and training for sales execution. We have workshops and programmes covering six (6) areas:

(Note: These are customised workshops per company: we don’t do public workshops)

Sales Management Programme – Coaching for Increased Productivity™

Our philosophy for sales management is that the role of the manager is to develop and support highly autonomous salespeople, support by a common language structure across the sales team. The sales structure that the manager creates, is the structure that supports the success of the individual salespeople. Our sales management programme gives the manager the tools to build a common language sales process for prospecting, pipeline management, forecasting and coaching.

Prospect Management Programme: Creating and Closing More Quality Deals 

Over 10,000 sales teams have used this programme to significantly improve their ability to fill and close more sales pipeline. The programme sets up a common language (The BoardTM) across the sales team to define what is a true prospect. Once the common language using the is in place, identifying, creating and moving the right number of income-producing prospects becomes easier and more reliable for each salesperson.

Take-away: An immediately actionable system for creating and managing prospects through the pipeline, that leads to, more closes, reduced sales cycle length and a more reliable flow of income.

Outbound Calling Techniques

This programme has been used by thousands of companies worldwide, and is now updated to include digital, online and social selling tools and techniques.

This is a skills programme: takeaways, include the capability to organise for outbound calling, and personalised “lyrics” per salesperson (or Business Development Representative) for making outbound calls.

Consultative High Efficiency SellingTM Programme: The Sales Playbook

This programme equips salespeople with the complete Sales Playbook for running sales and business conversations, that create quality opportunities and move prospects forward in a predictable, timely way to Closed.

A major take-away, is the Sales Playbook, a practical, actionable document (print and/or online) that acts as a roadmap and “GPS” selling guide for the salesperson. It’s the customised tool that enables everyone on the sales team, to say the same thing, in their own words.

Inside Sales Techniques™:  Equips Your New Sales Hires with the Practical Tools for Early Success

The Insides Sales programme is for sales teams that sell their product or service using telephone-based selling (and nowadays, often combined with digital, online and social selling tools and approaches).

New Hires Onboarding Programme

Many companies have used this programme to get their new sales off to a fast, successful start. In some cases, we have been able to deliver 100% new sales hire success (as measured over a 2 year period), which is exceptional in the world of new sales hiring and recruitment.

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