Questions that Employers Ask

Q: Why should I consider using Visuforce when I want to hire a new sales executive or a sales manager?

A: Compared to using a recruitment agency or direct advertising, we go one step further with you in the hiring process. When you recruit a sales executive or manager through us, we give both you and the new salesperson a Sales Success Plan® that includes a practical toolkit and training. It means your new hire hits the ground running, is productive faster, and maintains a high performance level, for longer.

Q: What’s an example of the training or tools that a sales executive or a sales manager might receive?

A: The sales executive programme includes sales process, pipeline management, CRM, prospecting, sales messaging and social selling A sales management candidate is equipped with a toolkit for assessing the current sales operation, and a blueprint for sales process, reporting, reviewing, supporting and building the sales team.

Q: What qualifies Visuforce to provide relevant sales training, tools and coaching?

A: Visuforce grew out of a leading U.S. sales consultancy that trained over 10,000 sales teams, including many of the world’s Top sales teams such as Lexis Nexis, Thomson Reuteurs and Canon. We have also trained hundreds of Ireland’s  top exporters and start-ups over the past 12 years through the International Selling Programme, Excel at Exporting and Leadership 4 Growth programmes.  So we know sales, and we know the best practices of world-class sales operations.

Q: Are the training and support programmes an additional charge?

A: No. They are part of our offering.

Q: We have our own onboarding programme for new sales hires. Why would we need more?

A: We’re used to working with existing training programmes, but we also bring a sharp focus to key sales onboarding skills, especially around prospecting, pipeline management and new business development.

Q: How does an engagement start?

A: Most recruitment engagements start by listing the duties and then the traits of the candidates. We go back one step, and independent of who or what type of person will be eventually hired, along with the employer, we pinpoint the parts of the role that are critical to success. Every sales role has a small number of focal points that the salesperson must manage and master  in order to be successful. When you get this clear focus, it’s easier to find suitable candidates and on-board them quickly.

A: Most sales candidates these days will send their CVs to many outlets, sites and agencies. Does Visuforce attract a particular type of candidate?

Q: We do. In terms of sales executive or sales management candidates, we look for people who are coachable. The reason is that in today’s tough buyer-driven market, salespeople need expertise over experience, and need to be continuously sharpening their knowledge and skills. Traditional, “generalist sales knowledge” is no longer enough to be successful in many sales roles. 

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