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Looking for a Sales Executive Position: Our Approach

At Visuforce, we look at sales recruitment differently. That’s why we offer a unique alternative to traditional recruitment agencies, taking you on the full journey from application through assessment, placement, onboarding,  training and beyond. The candidates we place belong to a group of innovative salespeople, who value continuous learning and high performance. 

Connecting You with Quality Employers: We work with quality clients who want to hire professional, progressive salespeople. Our clients are committed to investing in the development of their salespeople, and use best-of-breed sales systems and tools to equip you for success.

Experience & Coachability: While experience can be a (very) important criterion for success, the number one trait we look for in a new sales hire is coachability. The salespeople who succeed in sales in the longer term, practise continuous learning and treat each new sales role as a new project requiring improved and sometimes significantly new skills and selling approaches. If you are comfortable with the coachability mindset, then you are likely a very good fit for our clients.

Onboarding & Training Programme: In conjunction with our client (the employer), we provide you with a worldclass onboarding and training programme. The programme is based on our Lean Sales Solution, and equips you with the tools, systems and skills to be successful – quickly – in your new role.

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