We equip sales teams with the training, tools, skills and systems needed to expand business. We have worked with over 10,000 sales teams on every continent, and we understand the needs of front-line salespeople and their managers. We offer three training and consulting programmes: 

1 Training & Coaching: We offer 6 core training programmes for sales executives and managers. Our programmes equip participants with the tools and skills needed to develop new business and expand accounts. Click here.

2 New Sales Hire Onboarding: We provide new sales hire with an onboarding programme, so that within the first few critical weeks in their new role, they are already tracking for success. Click here.

3 Lean Sales System: This gives the sales operation the common language, processes and reporting needed to track progress, manage the pipeline, forecast accurately and pinpoint skills and messaging gaps. Click here.

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p: +353-1-9081298