Why do our clients use our Sales Recruitment Service?

1. We combine a full recruitment service with an onboarding and sales induction programme that greatly enhances the early success of the new sales executive. 

2. We attract quality sales people and managers who are coachable – the number one trait of the modern sales professional. Your new sales executive, therefore on-boards much more successfully and much faster than what is normally experienced. 

3. Because of our background training and coaching salespeople, our candidate pre-screening is of a much higher quality and accuracy than what the traditional recruitment agency can provide. So, we supply better qualified candidates, who are set up to succeed.

4. Our rates are reasonable and competitive, but include the on-boarding and induction service. You get better engagement from the new sales executive, because they see that you are investing in their development right from their first day at work.

 Combined Sales Recruitment & Induction Service

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